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Average paid circulation (print & digital): 58,262

With more than 40 years of helping readers advance their training, keep their horses healthy and pursue their equestrian lifestyle, Practical Horseman is an essential source for English riders. Each issue delivers how-to riding and training articles with leaders in the sport, in-depth stories about sporthorse health care from renowned veterinarians, and profiles connecting readers to top riders in hunters, jumpers, eventing and dressage.

“Practical Horseman is a staple resource for how Americans learn to ride.”
—Olympic silver medalist Peter Leone

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2017 Issue Schedule & Editorial Calendar

Special Features Space Due Materials Due On Sale
Jan Special Sporthorse Health Issue; Care routines of four equine stars: Mighty Nice (Phillip Dutton), Goerklintgaards Dublet (Kasey Perry-Glass), Voyeur (Kent Farrington), Legacy (Jenny Karazissis); Exercises to strengthen your horse’s stifles; Dentistry in sporthorses; Win A Day Clinic with Boyd and Silva Martin. 10/21/16 10/23/16 12/29/16
Feb How to ride better hunter courses with Tom Brennan; German eventing Olympian Andreas Dibowski clinic; Life with Olympic jumper Leslie Burr Howard; Breeding your mare around her performance schedule 11/18/16 11/20/16 1/20/17
Mar Dressage training with Olympian Jeremey Steinberg; World Cup Omaha preview; Importance of amino acids in feed; Deworming chart 12/16/16 12/18/16 2/17/17
Apr Jumper training with Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping North American League winner Jonathan McCrea; IHSA 50th anniversary; George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session: Advanced Jumping Clinic of up-andcoming riders; Latest research on head shaking in horses; Fly control 1/20/17 1/22/17 3/16/17
May Special Eventing Issue; Eventing training with Ryan Wood; Trainer Susan Graham White: Tips to improve eventing dressage; New eventing venue Great Meadows; Alternative therapies (acupuncture, massage, chiropractic) 2/17/17 2/19/17 4/20/17
Jun Special Hunter/Jumper Issue; Omaha World Cup™ Wrap-Up; Training with jumper Margie Goldstein-Engle; How to set a hunter course at home; Rain rot and other fungal issues 3/23/17 3/25/17 5/18/17
Jul Hunter training with Carleton and Traci Brooks; Jim Wofford’s Rolex rider critique; Dressage training: From the working gaits to the collected gaits; How to evaluate sporthorse conformation; Colic 4/20/17 4/22/17 6/15/17
Aug Training tips from Canadian Olympian Mario Deslauriers; Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event coverage; A look at the National Sporting Library & Museum; Respiratory issues in horses 5/18/17 5/20/17 7/20/17
Sep Special Dressage Issue; Training with David Marcus; Judges’ tips to improve your dressage score; Advice on making perfect dressage braids; How to prevent/treat joint disease 6/22/17 6/24/17 8/17/17
Oct Build a strong rider position with eventer Colleen Rutledge; Great equitation horses; Stall versus pasture: The pros and cons of where your horse should live; Blanket chart: What to put on your horse and when 7/27/17 7/29/17 9/21/17
Nov Hunter training; Dressage with Lendon Gray; Holiday gifts; 10 things to do while waiting for your veterinarian during an emergency 8/24/17 8/26/17 10/19/17
Dec College focus; Training how-to with college coach; Neurologic issues 9/21/17 9/23/17 11/23/17

Practical Horseman Readership


Earn enough to enjoy their horses
• Avg. HHI: $103,625
• HHI $300,000+: 7.8%
• HH Net Worth $1,500,000+: 18.5%
• Own an average of 15 acres

Purchase based on our brand
• 92% of readers indicate the ads and
content in Practical Horseman affect
their purchasing decisions
• 96% say they trust the articles
• 62% save the entire issue

Own horses
• 92% own horses, an average of 3.3
horses each
• 40% own warmbloods; nearly half
own Thoroughbreds
• Care for an average of 5.36 horses
• 93% make purchasing decisions for
feed and health products

Active equestrians
• 57% ride hunters/jumpers
• 38% ride dressage
• 34% participate in equitation/
• 25% event
• 64% attend clinics/symposiums
• Compete in an average of 5.4
competitions each year

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