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Dressage Today readers are affluent, educated, goal-oriented women who are passionate about their sport and uncompromising when caring for their horses. Willing to spend what it takes to enrich the lives and performance of their equine partners, readers turn to our magazine to learn about the latest trends and products. They count on the in-depth training articles from the world’s most respected authorities, delivered each month with the same confidence and clarity as a perfect halt at X.

“Dressage Today brings the world of dressage to riders and trainers at every level.”
-Debbie McDonald

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2017 Issue Schedule & Editorial Calendar

In addition to at least two in-depth dressage-training features each month, we will also include the following:

Special Features Space Due Materials Due On Sale

Cross-Training Issue: Find Your Fit—Cross-Training for Enhanced Performance with Florida-based trainer Nicholas Fyffe; Expert tips on how to get your dressage horse back into work after winter; Young Horses, Part 1: Bringing Up Baby—advice from top breeders and young-horse trainers. EXTRA Distribution at Global Dressage Festival

10/22/16 10/24/16 12/30/16

Sport-Horse Health Issue: Exploring Alternative Therapies—KT Tape for riders and EquiTape for Horses, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, chiropractic and more. Young Horses, Part 2: U.S. Young Horse Coach Christine Traurig talks about bringing along 3- and 4-year-olds; EXTRA Distribution at Global Dressage Festival

11/20/16 11/22/16 1/20/17

Special German Training/World Cup Issue: Ingrid Klimke’s training tips; A Day In the Life of Three German Trainers—Ingrid Klimke, Hubertus Schmidt and Helen Langehanenberg; A first-hand look at dressage in Germany from Dressage Today Managing Editor’s month-long trip. 2017 World Cup Preview—a look at who’s who in Omaha.Young Horses, Part 3: U.S. Young Horse Coach Christine Traurig on 5- and 6-year-olds; EXTRA Distribution at Global Dressage Festival and the 2017 World Cup in Omaha

12/19/16 12/22/16 2/20/17

Horse Show Focus: Understanding the Double Bridle; A Look at what’s trending in the show ring; Dressage Horse Health: The do’s and don’t of immunizations

1/21/17 1/23/17 3/17/17

Tack: Exploring changes in dressage bridles and saddles; Dressage Horse Health: Conquering Allergies—How to define and treat allergies plaguing your dressage horse

2/18/17 2/20/17 4/21/17

International Focus: Jessica Werndl on holistic training; Dressage in Unexpected Places—a look at how riders train in remote areas of the country

3/26/17 3/28/17 5/19/17

Summer Health: Showing in extreme temperatures; Hot-weather tips

4/23/17 4/25/17 6/16/17

The Baroque Issue: The Baroque Horse Photo Gallery; Training Baroque Breeds

5/21/17 5/23/17 7/21/17

Dressage at Devon: A look at what’s new at the iconic show; Knowing when it’s time to find a new horse. EXTRA Distribution at 2017 Dressage at Devon

6/24/17 6/26/17 8/18/17

Cold-Weather Riding: What cold-weather gear is best for the dressage horse and rider; EXTRA Distribution at 2017 Dressage at Devon

7/29/17 7/31/17 9/22/17

Young Rider/Holiday Focus: Becoming a Dressage Professional, Part 1; Holiday gifts

8/26/17 8/28/17 10/20/17

Collegiate Focus: Becoming a Dressage Professional, Part 2; The Ideal IDA Rider/Team

9/23/17 9/25/17 11/24/17

Dressage Today Readership

Audience Reach: 183,757
Total Circulation (Print & Digital): 32,000
E-Newsletter Traffic: 16,932
Social Media: 114,000

Active Participants
• 83% use alternative therapies, from chiropractic to stem cell
• 78% clip their horses
• 46% own barns
• 95% make purchasing decisions for feed and health products
• 48% have equine insurance
• 92% own horses 3+ horses
• 65% own a truck and horse trailer

Loyal devotees of the brand
• 91% say they trust the articles
• 92% readers say the ads and content affect their buying decisions
• 83% say it’s a “must read”
• 79% feel DT has an above average influence among horse people

Earn enough to enjoy their horses
• 93% female
• Average household income is $107,640
• 87% own homes with an average of 19 acres

Willing to spend money
• 75% bought saddles and accessories within
the last 12 months
• 81% have purchased show apparel
• 71% spent money on boots within the last year
• Helmets were purchased by 50% of DT readers
during the 12 months
• 62% say they enjoy equestrian fashion beyond the barn
• 50% regularly buy equine-related jewelry and gifts

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Printing Specifications

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  • 2/3 Page Vertical – 4.625” W x 9.75” H
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal – 7” W x 4.75” H
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  • 1/3 Page Horizontal – 4.625” W x 4.75” H
  • 1/3 Page Vertical – 2.25” W x 9.75” H
  • 1/6 Page Horizontal – 4.625” W x 2.25” H
  • 1/6 Page Vertical – 2.25” W x 4.75” H

*The Trail Rider & Spin To Win Rodeo 1/2 Page Island configuration also available.

Market Place Advertisements

  • 1/3 Page Vertical – 2.25” W x 9.75” H
  • Double 1/9 Page Horizontal – 4.625” W x 3.125” H
  • Double 1/9 Page Vertical – 2.25” W x 6.375” H
  • Single 1/9 Page – 2.25” W x 3.125” H

The Trail Rider and Spin to Win Rodeo ONLY

  • 1/2 Page Vertical – 3.4375” W x 9.75” H
  • 1/4 Page – 3.4375” W x 4.75” H

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  • Logos must be submitted as a PDF, all other file types are subject to review for reproduction quality.

Any ads or materials that do not follow these specifications are not guaranteed for reproduction.

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  • All resource files included in the ad (logo, graphics and photo images).
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Total area density should not exceed SWOP standard of 300%. If a SWOP proof is not available, one will be created for an additional $30 charge. This is required for all ads on press for accuracy of reproduction of color. There is no guarantee of color without a SWOP proof. All questions regarding materials, inserts, BRCs or other inquiries should be directed to:

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